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22 In '22 Challenge

Get involved with our 22 in '22 challenge! Simply take on 22 of any activity throughout 2022. You can participate in our challenge in whichever way you want, from walking 22 miles a day to undertaking 22 random acts of kindness.

Need some inspiration? Look no further! Our fundraising experts have pulled together a list of ideas to help you out! Keep reading for their top 10 picks…

1. Cycle for 22 days straight!

Test yourself by completing a cycling session consecutively for 22 days straight! Don't worry - you don't have to cycle all day; you could set yourself a distance to complete each day (how about 22km) or challenge yourself to ride for a set time. Select a route of your choice and track your performance using Strava - recording your times, speeds, and distances. It is the perfect chance to push yourself and a great fundraising idea!

2. Game for 22 hours

Good at gaming and want to fundraise? Turn your passion into donations by challenging yourself to a 22-hour straight gameathon! Link your Twitch channel to your fundraising page so that your supporters can donate as they watch.

3. 22 push-ups for 22 days straight!

No matter how much time has passed since you last hit the gym, we're willing to bet that you could easily do 22 push-ups! Just set a time goal - such as 22 days - and track your progress!

Create a fundraising page with Give as you Live Donate today and help raise donations for the charity close to your heart, as well as building your chest and tricep strength in the process.

4. Walk 22 miles

Get your walking boots on and raise donations by walking 22 miles once a month for the year, this fundraising idea never fails. Link your Strava account to your fundraising page and share your progress with family and friends along the way!

5. Get green-fingered in 2022

Do you enjoy gardening? Pick 22 different plants, herbs, or vegetables to grow throughout 2022 and place bets with family and friends to see which plant will sprout first. Set up a fundraising page on Give as you Live Donate so all bets go to the charity of your choice.

6. Swim 22 miles

Getting sponsored for swimming the length of the English Channel would be a great way to make a splash this year! Get fit whilst you raise donations for your favourite charity. You can do this in one swim or spread it out over the year.

7. Have a concert in your living room

Is music your passion? Bring a little joy from your living room by live streaming your musical talent. Whether you sing or share your awesome DJ set, broadcast your 22-hour session on Twitch, link it to your fundraising page, and watch the donations pour in!

8. Skydive into 2022

Dive right into 2022 by challenging yourself to a 22,000ft skydive! Have fun and raise money for a charity of your choice by creating a fundraising page on Give as you Live Donate.

9. Take part in Zumba for 22 minutes a day

Zumba is an exciting and fun fitness dance movement. It is easily adapted to all age groups, so why not get your Nan involved too, and raise donations by creating a fundraising page on Give as you Live Donate today. Why not Livestream your Zumba sessions on Facebook? For more information on Livestreaming, see our blog here.

10. Run 2.2 miles a day

Why not set yourself up for a new challenge and run 2.2 miles a day? Choose your own timescale, and do this virtually or on a set course. Select the charity of your choice and see the donations roll in on your fundraising page! Don't forget to connect your Strava account to update your supporters.

We would love to see how you are taking part in our 22 in '22 Challenge. Please feel free to share your challenges with us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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