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At-Home Fundraising Ideas

Keep your mind and body active, and raise some vital funds for a charity close to your heart with our fundraising ideas which can be completed from the comfort of your own home!

Virtual Crafternoon

Find an online tutorial, order your supplies online (using Give as you Live Online to raise a free donation for your charity), and set up a video call with your friends, family, or anyone who wants to take part.

As well as a great opportunity to learn a new craft, you can raise donations for the charity of your choice by asking your participants to donate what they would normally spend on a craft class to your fundraising page. Think how much you could raise from your craft table!

Game and Stream

Good at gaming and want to fundraise? Turn your passion into donations by challenging yourself to a gameathon! Link your Twitch channel to your fundraising page so that your supporters can donate as they watch.

Get Green Fingered

Pick a plant, herb, or vegetable, sow some seeds, and get your friends and family to donate to a sweepstake. The person whose plants bear the first fruit or flower wins half the pot - donate the other half to a charity of your choice!

Get Physical

Missing the gym? Unite your gym-goer friends with an online daily workout, and take it in turns to host. Set up a fundraising page, and ask each of your participants to donate their gym membership fee or any amount they can afford.

Host a Bakealong

Share your signature bake masterclass with the world! Set up a live stream of your bake using Facebook, Zoom, or any video platform you're familiar with, but only provide the recipe and ingredients list once your bakers have made a donation to your fundraising page. You could host one per week to keep your fundraising building!

Give because you can

Research has shown that committing to an act of kindness once a week for six weeks results in an increase in personal wellbeing. So, why not try one of these fun ways to donate to a charity you care about little and often:

  • Are you working from home now? why not donate what you would have spent to a charity of your choice?
  • 'Swear' jar - Keep a tally of how many times your family members swear throughout the month, and then donate 50p or £1 for each swear. Make it a competition, and see who has the biggest donation to make!
  • Rely on online shopping for household essentials, DIY materials or activities for the kids? Raise FREE donations when you shop online thanks to Give as you Live Online. Members receive donations to the charity of their choice for every shop made via the website or app. Download the app or donation reminder to get started.

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