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Celebrate £100k of Donations for The Cinnamon Trust!

Give as you Live Donate are celebrating an incredible £100,000+ raised for The Cinnamon Trust - a UK charity who strive to prevent human sadness by lending a helping hand to the elderly and their beloved pets. Read on to find out how Give as you Live Donate's fundraising technology has helped them achieve this incredible milestone...

How can individuals generate funds through Give as you Live?

Give as you Live offers three fundraising platforms where donations can be generated for a chosen charity. These are:

Give as you Live's wide variety of fundraising options allow people to support their charity in whatever way they feel most comfortable, and can provide a vital low-cost (or free!) option for charities.

How Give as you Live Donate support charities with marketing

When a charity joins Give as you Live they gain access to our charity admin system, where they can access detailed real-time reporting and our Marketing Toolkit. The toolkit has tips & guides to maximise your charity's marketing via your available free channels, plus marketing campaigns, emails for your supporters, and easy-to-install donate buttons. The proof is in the pudding, right? Well, we're delighted to be celebrating The Cinnamon Trust, which have raised over £100k with Give as you Live so far…

Easy peasy lemon squeezy fundraising pages!

How easy is it to set up a fundraising page with Give as you Live?

Within two clicks an individual can have a fundraising page set up. They can choose up to 5 charities to support, and can either create their own event, or link their page to a charity's event. Give as you Live now provide bespoke Event pages for charities - meaning a charity can set up a landing page for their upcoming fundraiser, add their own imagery, and share the URL far and wide with their supporters!

Below are quotes from just two creators of fundraising pages who supported The Cinnamon Trust:

What makes fundraising special for the people participating?

During these uncertain times connecting with people in ways we did not expect has been a big struggle for a lot of people and a lot of people have found themselves feeling lonely. Creating fundraising pages can help people create a community and come together to generate donations for a good cause.

The supporters of The Cinnamon Trust - a charity who strive to prevent human sadness by lending a helping hand to the elderly and their beloved pets - have themselves come together and united for good.

'We had no problem sharing the fundraising page; we found it super easy!'


What's WitchWayRoundWild fundraising page about?

The Motorbike Women have created a fundraising page to support The Cinnamon Trust called WitchWayRoundWild which is the 4th time they have created this fundraising page to run alongside their Witch Way round contest. Motorbike Women are asking their followers to buy a ticket for the event by donating to their fundraising page. They have a Facebook group where donors can keep in contact and follow the fundraising efforts. They feel Give as you Live Donate has been an easy platform to use and easier to share.

A laptop screen showing the Witchwayroundwild Fundraising page.

Celebrate the Cinnamon Trust with Helen.

Helen wanted to create a fundraising page that was not your normal 5k run or leaping out of a plane. She hit a personal note on this one by marking her 45th birthday by creating a fundraising page asking family & friends, not for gifts, but to donate! It was great that she could visually see her donations loading and people could leave personal and heart-warming messages when they donated. Give as you Live Donate allows people to create fundraising pages and connect with a community of charity supporters just like this fundraising page.

A laptop screen showing the Hele Ball fundraising page ' Celebrate the Cinnamon Trust'

'I shared the link to my fundraising page to friends and family via email, WhatsApp and text message.  This was simple to do and it was user friendly and straightforward.  '


What do The Cinnamon Trust do?

The Cinnamon Trust is a specialist charity that helps relieve anxiety, problems, and sometimes injustices faced by elderly and terminally ill people and their pets. This helps prevent human sadness and animal suffering. It was founded in 1985 by Mrs Averil Jarvis who named the charity after her beloved Corgi, Cinnamon.

'It's great to see the funds rising all the time. At event launch it's quite exciting. Knowing we can have an impact without having to do as much as shake a charity tin is great.'

Motor bike women fundraising for the Cinnamon trust
An elderly lady with her Yorkshire terrier on her lap who cinnamon trust support.

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