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How To: Host a Fundraising Virtual Quiz

Looking for the perfect family fundraiser, or an engaging way to involve your friends and colleagues in your fundraising? Look no further than a virtual quiz!

There are multiple ways to hold a quiz to raise vital funds for a UK charity at this unprecedented time. Here are a few to get you started:

By Video

Invite the family, share a link, and agree to meet at the same time. With video call software like Zoom or Skype, you can host multiple people on one video call. Simply ask them to mute their microphones when you're giving out rules or questions.

Collecting donations for Video quiz events is easy too - simply create a fundraising page and add the link to your invite! Their donation is their entry fee.

By Mobile

With Apps like HouseParty, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger you can video chat directly from your phone and host quizzes, games or even bingo! Why not try musical bingo - provide your contestants with a list of songs, ask them to write them into a grid, and then hit play!

Fundraising for a charity you care about using this method is simple too. Just add the link to your fundraising page to your group chat, or to the text message you send out with the invite. Setting up your fundraising page only takes 5 minutes, and you can choose up to 5 charities to support!

By Email

If you'd prefer a quiz where you don't need to participate in a video chat, we've got you covered. Simply ask people to donate an 'entry fee' to your fundraising page, and send them an email version of the quiz once they've donated.

Your participants can then choose whether they want to do the quiz as a family team, or take part individually and pit themselves against each other, as well as the wider competition!

Then, once everyone has sent their answers back in, post the results in a leaderboard on your fundraising page. This is a really easy quiz to turn into a weekly event, and there's no limit to the number of participants!

On Facebook

Utilising Facebook Live is a great way to run a quiz if you want to reach lots of people - there's no limit to how many participants you can have, and it allows your friends and family to invite their friends and so on.

Simply create a post advertising the date of your quiz, your start time and the link to your fundraising page for entrants to pay their entry donation, and ask your friends and family to share the post.

When quiz night comes around, just post the link to your Facebook Live stream on your page. Your entrants can write down their own answers, and then you can ask them to self mark and post their results in the comments! Don't forget to keep plugging your fundraising page and reminding your participants of the great charity you're fundraising for!

Happy Quizzing!

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