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Total raised so far

£430.00 +£67.50 Gift Aid See breakdown

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1 year ago

Mike and Josie


Well done lads!

1 year ago


£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

Smashed it!

1 year ago

Alex Diment

£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

Well done Martin! Merry Christmas ??

1 year ago


£50.00 + £12.50 Gift Aid

Well done, boys! Merry Christmas!

1 year ago


£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

Can you bring me some Duty frees back ????

1 year ago

Andy Perry

£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

1 year ago

Mark & Tina


supreme effort boys - ride safe !

1 year ago


£50.00 + £12.50 Gift Aid

Well done...keep going!!!

1 year ago


£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

You are amazing cuz. Good luck

1 year ago

Monica Birkett


Martin Stachini and Tony Owen are raising money for The Stable Family Home Trust

London to Paris Virtual Cycle Challenge

Event dates: 2nd December 2020 – 19th December 2020

Our story

LONDON to PARIS Virtual Cycle Challenge

Christmas is coming and Martin and Tony are back on the road hopefully raising a few bob for SFHT. We were going to do ‘The Twelve Trees of Christmas’ visiting twelve Christmas tree locations in villages, towns and cities around the area. But as a result of the latest Government lockdown we have had to rethink. So here it is!

Between now and Christmas we are going to complete a virtual cycle ride from London to Paris covering around 300 miles. We will be completing a blog and photographs on each ride.

How are we going to do it?

Between now and Christmas day we will complete daily cycle rides around the area as our local exercise, adding up our miles to complete the distance between London and Paris, which is approximately 283 miles. We will need to complete this by the 19th December which is the date of the SFHT Virtual Christmas party!

We are of course looking towards your support in the form of a donation. I always think if my friends and family donate the price of a decent cup of coffee or couple of cups with a mince pie, we can surpass your previous generosity, The monies raised will go towards paying for virtual fitness sessions which is essential for the physical and mental health of people with learning disabilities during this prolonged lockdown period for our friends at SFHT.

How you can help

Now the gyms are shut again and our keep-fit programmes have been interrupted due to lockdown why not get your bike out and join in! Do your ride or a few rides and post your mileage on our SFHT Facebook event and we will add your miles to the total which will help get us there sooner.

Maybe by doing a ride and sharing this on your social media, family and friends will help support you by donating. The weather, daylight hours and safety are going to influence what days we ride and where we go. But we will complete the challenge!

Why are we fundraising?

SFHT have put in place extensive measures to safeguard the people they support with learning disabilities from being exposed to the Covid-19 virus: a combination of live-in staff, rigorous checks, temporary closure of day services and government shielding measures to protect everyone from contracting the virus.

As you might imagine with their services still closed, this has had a huge financial impact on the charity. Grants from local community groups, charitable trusts and individual donations have helped enormously towards the sustainability of the charity and we need your help to continue funding, staff care costs, client activities and emergency core costs.

T’is the season of goodwill

Your donation and support with this event will make a difference to the clients at SFHT.

Thank you for your continued support

Thank you for checking out our page. Making a donation is fast, easy and secure thanks to Give as you Live Donate. They'll take your donation and pass it onto The Stable Family Home Trust.

Our updates

1 year ago

Job Done…. I Think!!!

Just finished a 32-mile ride in the wind, no rain though which makes a big difference. Added to the 8 miles I managed to do yesterday I think that completes the challenge. Just waiting for confirmation from Tony. I’ll be honest I found this more challenging than the Brighton pier to Bournemouth pier ride we completed in June. As you all know I’m a novice when it comes to cycling and take all my guidance from Tony. So, when I sucked him into this one, he was quick to highlight what would be the difficulties. He pointed out daylight hours, weather and road conditions, all of which I have experienced over the duration of the challenge. During the Summer when I was out training, I used to see loads of proper cyclist i.e. wearing all the riding gear on the roads. I can count on the fingers of one hand how many other nutcases I’ve seen on the roads lately. But job done.

We hope to make a guest appearance at the Zoom Christmas Fair on Saturday the 19th December. It will be great to see all our friends from The Stables online, looking forward to it.

Thanks again for your donations and support. Your generosity will make a difference.

Tony says....

Yep, that’s it, London to Paris in miles -283, done and dusted! The weather has not been kind to us for this one and the roads have been truly horrendous in terms of debris and grime. Normally at this time of year you’re lucky to get one or two weather window opportunity days and sneak out but knowing that the miles have to be done means that day in and day out you’ll be climbing on the cycle and getting out there.

Kudos to Martin from me, for his first year of cycling he’s certainly picked some challenging events to undertake and smashed them as well. Hope everyone has enjoyed our daily escapade updates and I’d echo what Martin says about thanking you for your generosity in what we know are challenging times for us all.

I know that I will now have to live with the foreboding dread of getting collared by Martin again with the usual lines of “ I was just thinking, what if……”

Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you all.

1 year ago

Ride 3 for Martin

Bad Santa??

From Martin…

Another ride under the belt today in typical wintery conditions. Cold, windy and a bit of rain mixed in. but 25 miles from me. That brings my contribution to 85 miles.

I would like to thank the lorry driver that gave me a blast of warm toxic air from his exhaust as he passed within inches of me. As well as thanks for the blast of heat I would like to tell him that his trailer is 40 foot long and not 30…it was the last ten feet of trailer that took the slack out of my lycra shorts!!!!

A big thank you for those that have donated so far, we are up to £175 with gift aid which is great and will make a difference to our friends at The Stables Trust. If you can make a small donation and have not yet please do, it will make a difference.

Let’s see what Tony’s been up to …

Tony says

So the final push to virtual Paris begins(!) yet again we’ve had to start the week with separate rides, the constant factor is the dire weather though, wet, windy, filthy roads and just downright grim.

Normally at this time of year I’d be safely inside in the warmth getting my winter miles in on a static bike, not this December though due to a certain Bad Santa roping me into his latest venture.

Anyhow, just as a recap, the reason we’re heading out at this time is to raise some badly needed funds for the Stables.

We all know how tough this year has been and we know that we’ve asked for your support already with our earlier escapade in the Brighton adventure but we really need your help again. This time we are specifically looking to help with the costs for maintaining the fitness programmes for the SFHT clients which is so, so important not just for their physical but also their mental wellbeing.

If you could just spare the cost of a cup of coffee then it would make such difference as every little bit truly helps. To see the fantastic efforts that the charity does then please visit their page via this link to their Facebook page, they’ll also be posting some more pics on there as the week goes on, we’ll put some more festive location pics up as well, and some videos!

I’ve got to do another off road based ride tomorrow due to commitments but I’ll be joined (in a socially distanced way) hopefully by a really interesting and inspiring individual, so be sure to check out our blog tomorrow!

Oh, I nearly forgot that was another 32 miles for me, coupled with Martin’s 25 that takes our overall total to 214, we’re over the 200 mark- Yay!

Thanks again and remember, stay safe, if you’re not venturing out please, please just donate that cup of coffee amount that you would have spent had you gone somewhere and help make a difference. Life would be so much better if everyone just cared a little bit more about others.

1 year ago

Rides 1 and two for Martin

Martin says.

So, it begins our virtual London to Paris cycle to raise some funds for our friends at SFHT. The first ride was 25 miles and today’s ride 35 miles.

I have come a long way from our summer fundraiser. I have proper gear, good bike, Gucci sunglasses and clip in shoes. The later I am still trying to get used to, I have only fallen off, more fallen over than fall off to be honest four times! This is due to the fact I forget my foots clipped in when I come to a stop. I have not seen Tony ever fall off/over however he always says to me “Mate we all fall off” I’d feel better and believe you if you did fall off in front of me Tony!!

One thing to say about cycling at this time of the year is the weather! I was so cold yesterday when I set off after about ten minutes I was going to turn around and go home. But I rode through it and did about two and half hours absolutely froze to the bone by the time I got home…. that’s got to be worth a couple of bob, surely?

Just received a text from Tony as I draft this blog saying that he tried to get out this morning but it was too cold so he gave up….. told you!!! And he’s a pro. . I do not think he has forgiven yet for sucking him in to another challenge.

So I’ve already completed 60 miles towards our target, lets see what Tony has for us.

Tony says.

It's been a strange week, for various reasons Martin and I have not been able to get out together so its been individual efforts for the time being.

One thing for sure though is that winter has arrived! dark mornings and daylight fading quickly in the afternoon.

I’ve managed to get a couple of rides in, a road one of 45 miles and then a very different off road 52 mile experience that was one of those ‘seemed a good idea’ at the time. With hindsight, not so much a good idea. It was an off-road route roughly following the Avon valley from Downton to Christchurch. To say it was a bit wet and muddy would be an understatement. I’ve never had to jet wash my cycling shoes before and they’re still drying out 48 hours later.

Anyway that total from me addd to Martin’s brings it up to 157 miles! not bad but looking at the weather ahead its going to be another wet and cold week. Time to find some more thermals………

1 year ago

Warm Up - 12th November

Martin says.

So, it begins our virtual London to Paris cycle to raise some funds for our friends at SFHT. Today’s ride 37 miles with a stop off for a video shoot at Boscombe Pier. About another 263 miles to go!

I have come a long way from our summer fundraiser. I have proper gear, good bike, Gucci sunglasses and clip in shoes. The later I am still trying to get used to, I have only fallen off, more fallen over than fall off to be honest four times! This is due to the fact I forget my foot’s clipped in when I come to a stop. I have not seen Tony ever fall off/over however he always says to me “Mate we all fall off” I’d feel better and believe you if you did fall off in front of me Tony!!

Todays ride set off under blue skies, light winds and a bit of sunshine. As the morning went on the clouds built up and the sun disappeared. About 20 minutes from the end the rain started to fall, Tony stopped and produced a rain jacket from his pocket. Looking at me he said. “School boy error mate, you should always bring a jacket with you at this time of the year” Cheers Tony, I could have done with your professional advice about two hours ago. I do not think he’s forgiven yet for sucking him in to another challenge.

Tony says.

No, No. No, not again. I can’t believe I’ve been suckered into this again.

To be fair, he did catch me unaware this time, so chapeau for that!

We’d been out for a leisurely ride and Martin just casually dropped into conversation that Christmas would soon be arriving before we realised it and that usually a that time of year we’d be doing the bikeathon for the SFHT at David Lloyd and what a shame that it wouldn’t be happening this year. I agreed then instantly realised my error….. Martin then proceed to regale me with his idea for riding to12 different Christmas trees to mirror the 12 days of Christmas, along with inviting various ‘guests’ and sampling some Christmas markets on the way.

And so the plan was hatched in late October only for COVID and Lockdown V2 to come along and thwart us again. Christmas markets cancelled and no guarantee of trees up and all we are allowed under the rules is unlimited exercise!

So 12 trees scuppered and hastily a new plan of cycling London to Paris (in a virtual fashion that is) was hatched. Great 300 ish miles in November and December, lovely……..

To be fair, today’s outing was generally dry and pleasant albeit the wind was challenging for most of the route. I’ve never really understood why on rides you seem to spend about 90% of the time into a headwind even when you really shouldn’t be. We did get a bit of rain at the end, but being well prepared with my trusty rain cape that was no issue for me, can’t believe Martin didn’t bring his :) !! So that’s the first chunk done, here’s hoping to at least a couple of dry days over the next few weeks.

Martin Stachini and Tony Owen are fundraising for

The Stable Family Home Trust

Charity number: 1093672

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