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Laura-Jayne Young is raising money for Narcolepsy UK

My story

To raise awareness of sleep conditions in the UK. I am taking part in a fundraising event with Narcolepsy UK. The goal is to go for a walk every day for 30days.

That might not sound like a lot to some people but when you suffer from Narcolepsy, it affects not just your sleep.

Your energy levels are something to be always aware of. Everyday you must gauge what activity you do and how this will affect you later that day and the next few days after.

My own condition affects my R.E.M sleep allowing my brain only 10% of the rest it actually requires each night. That and daytime sleepiness.

I sleep longer to try and get the level of rest my brain can function daily with. I also can find when I am awake an overwhelming need to sleep that can't be fought for long .

This is when my ability to function becomes effected I stop being able to think clearly, I become to tired I can't speak in sentence's and any form of communication is not possible due to micro sleeps and being so exhausted.

I have suffered my whole life with this condition , only being diagnosed in my 20's . My life is affected by it , my ability to function daily is a constant juggle between what I would like to do and what I can actually afford to invest my time and energy into ; knowing how this can affect me later.

Many people don't realize when you have a sleep condition it not only effects your sleep and sleepiness.

It effects your muscles , your nervous system , your social life , your friendships, your mental health, your cognitive functioning, your ability to gain and keep employment, your ability to learn, to remember, to focus, digestion issues, weight concerns, connected migraines and that's only to name a few !

Sleep wake cycles need regulation and priority. So many suffer and go unknown as we tend to be sleeping rather than running marathons!

To be forced by your own body to sleep away large amounts of your life is a horrible position to be in. We can only try and find joy and be greatful for the precious time we have when we are awake.

So please help raise awareness for all those living with these daily battles. And for those suffering, know your not alone, your capable, your strong, your life matters!

Thank you for checking out my page. Making a donation is fast, easy and secure thanks to Give as you Live Donate. They'll take your donation and pass it onto Narcolepsy UK.

Laura-Jayne Young is fundraising for

Narcolepsy UK

Charity number: 1144342

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30 Walks in 30 Days

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