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Stephen Beasley is raising money for RSPB

By support the RSPB, protect our wildlife, environment and planet

Event dates: 28th July 2009 – 27th January 2018

My story

By supporting the RSPB, we help to protect our wildlife to live in their natural habitat, and protect them from extinction. The RSPB Birds magazine states, current network of protected areas is too small and may not be up to the job of meeting nature's needs in future. The RSPB helps to encourage Farmers to retain their hedgerows which supports wildlife and create farmland privacy and boundaries, and encourage better farming practice setting awards. Farmland birds have seen the worst declines, woodland birds numbers have also fallen. Between 1994 and 2007 woodland bird species, which includes the wood warbler, the willow tit and the lesser spotted woodpecker, and grey partridge, have sufered big declines.

Did you realize, 10% of species are at an increasingly high risk of extinction for every one-degree celsius rise in global mean temperature. The RSPB therfore also helps to influence industry to reduce carbon emissions etc to create a cleaner healthier environment. Millions of people worldwide face real and immediate effects of climate change. Climate change means rising sea levels, to bush fires and loss of homes and lives. Hundreds of Australians died or have lost their homes to bush fires, prompting 13,000 Australian fire-fighters to demand action on climate change. In the UK, thousands of people still recovering from floods know they face an uncertain future, with rising insurance premiums, and risks to their homes grow every year. Wildlife also bears the brunt of our recklessness. From the forests of the Amazon to the UK seas, symptoms of climate change are more alarming all the time. Climate experts on the Inter-governmental Panel on climate Change, reporting to the world's governments, highlighted that impacts above a two-degree temperature rise above pre-industrial levels would result in massive and damaging changes to the world's ecosystems and the life they support. We must help the world's poorest people, and the ecosystems upon which they depend, adapt to climate change. Pollution from countries such as ours harms the world's poor, the first to suffer from droughts, floods, forest fires and tropical storms. It wrecks the ecosystems they depend on. Wealthier countries must fund adaptation programmes to help people and wildlife survive.

The RSPB helps to provide vital work too helping the police to bring wildlife crime cases to court. We must invest in renewable energy, in the right places, in harmony with nature. President Obama from the USA plans to invest $80 billion in renewable energy in 10 years. China plans to invest $100 billion by 2020. These countries believe in the power of renewable technologies; so should we. We must protect natural carbon stores. Rainforest nations have proposed ways to slash deforestation. We talk about saving the rainforests. Now the rainforest could save us! But only if we invest money now, to make forest protection a reality. United and together with the RSPB's influence will also significantly help to reduce many illnesses caused by air pollution, and save our beautiful planet forever, and every living thing within it....

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