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Give as you Stay at Home

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As a direct result of Covid-19 thousands of events have been cancelled, meaning the loss of millions in donations and sponsorship for our much-loved UK charities.

Charities have been forced to reduce - or in some cases stop - providing their services: services which are vital to vulnerable members of our communities.

But with a little imagination, we can make a real difference and keep our minds and bodies active at a time when we are required to #StayAtHome.

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No matter your age or your ability, you can make a difference. Whether you showcase a talent, become quizmaster extraordinaire, or climb Mount Stairdon, you really can make a difference.

All we ask is that you choose a charity you care about, and raise some vital funds for them. There's no big target to hit, and no cost to you. Just a commitment to play your part and help save our charities.

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Livestream it!

You can now add a live broadcast of almost any challenge straight to your fundraising page to help you raise even more money!

Live stream performances, quizzes, challenges and more using Twitch.

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Not sporty? No problem!

More of a baker than a runner? Prefer knitting to crossfit-ing? We hear you!

There are plenty of at-home challenges which don't involve wearing lycra or sports shoes. If you've got a talent you can teach, a bake you can breakdown or a mind for facts and figures that you can quiz others on – you can fundraise! You can raise money doing anything – just ask people to donate! Check out some of our ideas below.

Home challenges

Mind gone blank?

We've challenged our fundraising team to come up with some of the best fundraisers you can host at home...

Do a marathon at home

Or any distance! From setting your target to sprinting, walking or skipping to the finish line, here's how to smash your sporting goal at home.

Jog on

At home fundraisers

Not keen on sports and need some outside-the-box inspiration? Check out our guide to some of the best (and easiest) virtual fundraising events.

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Ready to #StayAtHome and fundraise?

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Give as you Stay at Home