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Supporting charities, supporting the world

Why do charities choose us?

We know that there are lots of fundraising websites out there. So we've used our 15 years' experience of helping charities to create a fundraising solution that's easy for fundraisers, donors and charities to use. Best of all, it's free to use.

Give as you Live Donate
  • Helping charities since 2005
  • 200,000+ charities available
  • No set-up or monthly fees
  • No fees on Gift Aid
  • Donors can cover fees
  • Pages can support 1-5 charities
  • A full suite of fundraising products
  • Helping charities since 2001
  • 25,000+ charities available
  • Monthly fees up to £39
  • 5% fee on Gift Aid
  • Donors cannot cover fees
  • Pages can support only 1 charity
  • No other fundraising products
Virgin Money Giving
  • Helping charities since 2009
  • 14,000+ charities available
  • Set-up fee of £150+VAT
  • No fees on Gift Aid
  • Donors can cover fees
  • Pages can support 1-5 charities
  • No other fundraising products

What you get when you register your charity

  • Your own unique join page
  • A free marketing toolkit to help you spread the word with your supporters
  • Access to a free reporting system to see who is raising funds for you
  • Dedicated account manager to help you generate the best results
  • Best of all - there are no registration or monthly charges!
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Our fees

Unlike JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving, there are no setup or monthly fees - charities are listed on Give as you Live for free.

In order to cover costs as well as develop our fundraising platform, a small fee is charged on donations made by your supporters.

Supporters can choose to cover fees - if they do, your charity will receive 100% of the donation.

The below table compares our fees to two alternative providers, based on a £10.00 donation with a Visa debit card. Some fees may differ depending on the payment method.

  Give as you Live JustGiving Virgin Money Giving
Setup fees None Up to £39 per month £150 plus VAT one-off
Donation £10.00 £10.00 £10.00
Total fees on donations £0.48 (1) £0.39 (2) £0.45 (3)
Donor can cover fees? Yes No (4) Yes
Gift Aid supplement (If eligible) £2.50 £2.50 £2.50
Total fees on Gift Aid N/A £0.13 (2) N/A
Without fees covered, your charity gets £12.02 £11.98 £12.05
With fees covered, your charity gets £12.50 N/A £12.50

(1) Processing fee of 4.8% on donation, no fees on Gift Aid

(2) Transaction fee of 1.9% + 20p on donation, 5% fee on Gift Aid

(3) Transaction fee of 2% on donation, payment fee of 2.5% on donation, no fees on Gift Aid

(4) JustGiving allow donors to cover fees on donations to crowdfunding pages but not to charities.

Fees for Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving correct at time of writing (13 January 2020).

Got questions? Here's what we're asked most

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You can use Give as you Live Donate to create fundraising pages to receive donations for your chosen charity.

Our pages are perfect for big events, personal challenges, remembering a loved one and more.

You can also donate directly to any charity. We support monthly donations too, so you can give regularly.

You can support any of the 200,000 UK-registered charities.

When creating a fundraising page, you can select up to 5 charities to raise funds for.

Our charities range from big national charities to local schools, churches and social groups.

We do not support crowdfunding. All funds raised are paid to charity and not to any individuals.

A small processing fee of 4.8% is taken to cover the cost of taking the donation and paying it to the charity.

Donors can choose to cover fees for the charity when making their donation.

There are no fees on Gift Aid and there are no set-up or monthly fees for your charity.

Find out more about fees

We pay charities once a month via our payment technology partner, Stripe.

Gift Aid is subject to approval by HMRC, therefore the Gift Aid portion of the payment can take a few months.

Give as you Live Donate is free for charities to join - unlike some fundraising websites, we do not charge any set-up or ongoing fees just be listed on our website.

If your charity is not yet working with us, you can register today in just a few simple steps.

Start by entering your charity name or registration number in the box below and searching.

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