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10 Easy and Original Office Fundraising Ideas

Sick of cake sales? Check out our list of creative fundraising ideas to raise money at work or as a business!

We get it – there are only so many cake sales an office – or a waistline – can take! We’ve racked the brains of the team here at Give as you Live Donate HQ and come up with some of the most creative ways you can support your charity from the comfort of the office!

1. Film Night

Clear out a room in the office which has a projector and hold a night where you show a classic movie. You can sell tickets for the event and even sell snacks on the night. You could even raffle tickets for which film you watch! A night out at the movies all for a good cause!

2. The Gift Challenge

Whether it’s a birthday, new baby, retirement or secret Santa, click through Give as you Live Online before you purchase those office gifts and a donation will be raised for your chosen charity! This one is a great challenge for a year – you could even keep a tally on an office whiteboard of how much your gifts have raised!

3. Promise Auction

That colleague who never makes a tea round? It’s time for them to pay up! Have people in the office promise to do a certain activity i.e. make the coffee for a week, car wash, food hamper, dog walking or any odd jobs and auction off the promises to your colleagues!

4. Parking Spot Auction

If parking is at a premium in your office, usually one of the big wigs will have access to a free space. Auction this off for someone to use for a set period of time.

5. Partner Up

Whether it’s a restaurant, pub or local coffee shop, ask if they would like to partner with you to raise money for your charity. You can then arrange all of your team events, quiz nights, wine tastings or even special set menus, at a discount (or free) thanks to your local partner!

6. Breakfast Week!

It IS the most important meal of the week after all… Sweet talk your boss into some petty cash to buy a selection of breakfast items and charge your colleagues for the privilege.

7. Carbon Exchange

If you work in a busy building this one is great. Set up a stall of seedlings and plants, and ask drivers – whose cars emit pollution - to make a purchase to counteract it.

8. Sports Sweepstake

If your office is full of sporty types, this is a great way to raise money for charity. Whether it’s the World Cup, a big horse race or the Olympics, set up an office sweepstake and split the takings 50/50 between your colleagues and your charity. 3 or 4 of these a year could add up to big money. Not sporty? There’s always Bake Off and Strictly!

9. Step Challenge

Set a target of 10,000 steps per person for a month. If they fall short of their target, they put a pre-set donation in the box. Simple, effective, and your colleague will have a healthy glow.

10. Cash-In In Your Email Signature

Set up an online page for donations using Give as you Live Donate and link from everyone’s email signature.

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