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24 Hours To Go: The Night Before Your Event

Don't panic! Here's everything you might have forgotten...

The big day is just one sleep away, and you’ve got a ton of things to remember. Don’t worry – Give as you Live Donate have got you covered with everything you won’t want to forget!

  1. Carb Loading

You don’t want to stuff yourself in one go, so stick to small, but more regular meals that are filled with enough carbohydrates. Make sure to load up on those meals with things like bread, pasta and rice the day before your race.

  • No Alcohol

Although it contains carbohydrates, they aren’t the same ones that you need in order to fuel long-lasting energy. Even if your brain doesn’t feel the effects of it the day after, your body still will.

  • You Can Run

This one is down to personal preference. A lot of people prefer to put their feet up the day before a running event in order to save energy. However, you can go for a run the night before as this can help to burn off any nerves, and also loosen up your body ready for the race. It’s totally up to you though – no pressure!

  • Sleep Well

It’s more than likely that you will struggle to sleep the night before an event, especially if you’re in a different environment like a hotel room. This is why it’s crucial that you get good quality sleep in the week running up to the event. And if you are struggling to sleep, make sure to at least put your feet up in bed, and don’t be tempted to move around, play on your phone, or watch blue screens like TV.

  • Sip, Don’t Gulp

You might not think it but how you hydrate yourself in the run-up to a race is very important. You need to drink around 2-3 litres the day before the event, but at regular intervals. Don’t leave it until the end of the day and gulp down a day’s worth of water – keep sipping throughout the day, slow and regular.

  • Be Confident In Your Preparation

Put all the negative thoughts out of your mind; you can’t afford to let them hinder your performance on the day. Don’t worry about what other runners are saying about their preparation, and don’t compare it to your own. Have faith in what you’ve done to prepare and don’t doubt yourself, especially when there’s no time left to do anything about it.

  • Plan Your Route

It is very important that you plan out how you will get to the venue for your event, especially if your event is being held in a big city. This is because it is likely to be extremely busy, so public transport may be your best bet for getting there, but be mindful of queues and slower-than-normal service, so allow yourself plenty of time.

  • Share On Social Media

When the big day arrives, be sure to let people know online, and share how you’re feeling. It’s a great way to prompt people to donate to your fundraising page, as they’ll be sharing the journey – the nerves, the event AND the success with you!

  • Get Packing

Have you got everything you need for the big day? Make sure you’ve got the essentials like energy gel and drinks, strapping or muscle tape and make sure your phone/MP3 player is fully charged.

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