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9 Fundraising Ideas for Kids!

If the kids want to do their own fundraising, you can't go wrong with some of these child-friendly ideas...

  • Sports day

Perfect for a group of friends! Mix team-based sports that can be adjusted to smaller teams, like football, with 1v1 activities like running or throwing, and obviously a big, shiny trophy for the champions (or whatever prize you prefer)! No venue required - if your garden isn't big enough, head to the park with a picnic!

  • Arts and crafts day

Perfect for the little ones, let the kids show their creative side with an arts and crafts day. Give them a theme to go by, and to raise funds, you can charge an entry fee, or even sell the results back to parents in aid of your chosen charity! Order your supplies via Give as you Live Online and add the funds raised from your purchase to your total too.

  • Bake sale

A timeless classic! Provide the kids with a few ingredients, and help them to create some baked goods which can then be sold at a stand to raise funds for a good cause.

  • Games and snacks night

Pizza and video games, you can’t go wrong! Charge a small entry fee and host a games night, whether that’s board games or video games. Why not make it more competitive and include small prizes for winners?

  • Gift wrapping

For some people, wrapping presents can be a pain, so why not take that off their hands and organise a day of wrapping their gifts for them? Get your neighbours round and charge a small fee for your charity, then let the kids go wild and try to do a good (or maybe not so good) job of wrapping the gifts.

  • Toy sale

A great way to tidy the house AND raise some money! Get your kids to create 2 piles - 1 of things they love and still play with, and 1 of things they can't remember playing with. Then set up an online sale, or why not join forces with your friends and hold one big garden sale of toys. Post the date and time in local parenting groups, and encourage other Mums and Dads to pick up a preloved bargain - you'll be raising money AND helping to save the planet from more plastic production!

  • Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun and low-cost way of not only raising funds, but also entertaining the children. Simply create a map of the scavenger course in your garden or the local park, come up with a fun theme and of course, provide small prizes for the winners. You could even ask parents to donate some prizes, and also remember to charge a small participation fee in aid of a charity the kids have chosen.

  • Pet party

Grab your furry friends and let them socialise together over a few tasty treats. Host a pet party and invite your children’s friends to bring their cats, dogs, hamsters, whatever works for you!

  • Pie throwing contest

Another simple but effective idea, because who doesn’t enjoy the thought of smashing a pie in someone’s face! All you need is paper plates, whipped cream, some pie-throwing customers and some unfortunate victims (parents).

Bonus fundraising idea …
Shared Photos
For any of the above events, you can use this idea to raise that bit extra. Take lots of photos of the event, upload them with a watermark and charge a small fee for anyone who wants to buy them for themselves!

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