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How To Use Instagram To Help Your Fundraising

Fundraising can be just as tough as the challenge itself – lighten the load with our guide to maximising your efforts using social media.

Telling people about your challenge and getting them to part with their hard-earned cash can sometimes be just as tough as the challenge you’re undertaking. Here, the social team at Give as you Live Donate HQ share their tried-and-tested methods to cash in using your Instagram account.

Reach out to your charity

Whoever you’re raising money for, always do these things:

  1. Follow them
  2. Reach out to their social media or fundraising manager, tell them your Instagram handle, and let them follow your journey too. Many charities love to see – and use – this content, so also let them know if you are comfortable with them using your posts on their own feeds.
  3. Tag them in your photos, stories and comments

Start from the beginning

Whether it’s a year-long training plan for a marathon or the psychological journey of preparing for a head shave, take your followers along with you. Sharing the story behind every photo shows your emotions, your feelings and the reasons for your challenge, which will help them to connect with you and become invested in your story.

Post often

Most people’s fundraising journeys start many weeks, months, or even years before the day of the event so maximise the time you have. By showing your whole journey, you’ll be a constant reminder of why what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for is so important.

Be public

Opening up your Instagram means that anyone who cares for your charity will be able to find your fundraising page – not just your friends and family. If you’re not comfortable making your personal Instagram public, why not consider setting up a separate account specifically for your event?

Hashtag It!

Using relevant hashtags is an easy way to be found by new people interested in your journey or the charity it is supporting. Look at the hashtags the charity uses or hashtags used by other people taking on similar challenges. You should also think up your own personal hashtag that can be used to follow your specific story – just make sure no one else is already using it by typing it into the search bar.

Share your target

Sharing your target and how much you’ve raised is great for people to follow so they can see your progression and feel involved in reaching your goal. It also creates a sense of urgency and helps encourage people to donate now, rather than putting it off.

Be honest

Had a lull in donations? Tell your followers in your captions and it may just remind those who haven’t donated yet to do so. It will make them feel even better that they’ve helped cheer you up too!

Always link to your Fundraising Page!

It sounds obvious, but make sure it is easy to find. You can add your link to your Instagram bio and remind people when you post that it is there. You also have the option to add the link to your fundraising page on Instagram Stories.

Say thanks

An easy way to get your fundraising efforts back into people’s feeds – thank everyone who has already donated, supported or encouraged you, and inspire even more people to share your story and feel part of the team.

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