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Top 10 Fundraising Tips from Fundraising Experts

No matter what challenge you’ve set yourself, you’re here for one reason, right? The money! Boost your online fundraising with top tips from our team of fundraising experts.

  1. Set yourself a target

Setting yourself a target tends to encourage people to donate more if they recognise that your goal is within reach – but be prepared to increase it as you get closer! Most importantly, don’t put it off! Get started as early as you can and tell the world!

2. Use Images

You’ll raise more if people can see you and relate to you, so be sure to include an image. If you’re not keen on selfies, go for a training image, or something that demonstrates why you are fundraising for your particular charity.

3. What’s the why?

Tell your story behind the reason you’re fundraising, why you chose the charity and what made you pick your challenge. Give people a reason to care.

4. Make a promise

Keeping your ideas fresh and exciting to stand out from other events can be hard. Why not offer something unique for the person who tips your total over a certain amount – a free car wash or, if it’s a colleague, tea for a week?

5. Top sponsors first!

When collecting sponsorship, make sure you approach your most generous friends or family members first. If the first sponsor on your form or online fundraising page has been generous, this leads the way for others to follow!

6. Make it personal

Rather than just sharing online and hoping people come to you, why not reach out to your closest friends and family with a personalised email? People will be more likely to donate if they know you specifically want their help. Check out our guide: ‘Why You Need To Send A Personal Email’.

7. Keep your supporters up-to-date

Let supporters know how you are doing by updating your page often. Whether you’ve smashed a training goal or had an injury setback, keeping your followers in-the-know will let them see how they are making a real difference, and could encourage them to donate more!

8. Stay social

People want to hear about the great thing you’re doing, so don’t be afraid to share on your social media channels. If you’re worried about bombarding friends and family, why not create a page specifically for your challenge? Our guide ‘8 Tips For Social Media Fundraising Success’ will help!

9. Encourage others

Make the experience even more fun by convincing your friends to join in and do their part to raise money too!

10. Don’t stop at the finish line

Almost a quarter of donations come in after the event date, so send a final update packed full of reminders to donate once you’re done!

Need more tips? Check out our blog to help you make the most of your social media promotion.

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