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If you'd like to support Greyhound Rescue, please view their charity page.

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£540.00 of £500 target +£72.50 Gift Aid See breakdown

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7 months ago

Nathalie Sinyard


+ £25.00 Gift Aid

Thank you for caring for these lovely creatures ❤️

7 months ago

Anne and Fiona Poppy and Treo


7 months ago

Will Lockwood


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Thank you for all you do, and for our lovely Raven whom we adore.

7 months ago

Neil Sinyard


Thank you for all your hard work.

7 months ago

Lesley Sinyard


Thank you for caring for the animals

7 months ago

Jessica S


+ £25.00 Gift Aid

Thank you for all your good work

7 months ago

Andy Hutchinson


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Thankyou for all you guys do for the animals ❤️ love from me, lisa, Bobby and lola xx

7 months ago



Lola would have wanted to help Karen and Dawn Schultz to find more happy loving homes for

7 months ago

Louise Stanforth


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Thanks for everything you do 💗

About us

We are a self funded charity who rescue & re-home ex racing greyhounds. We have been doing this 40 years Fighting cruelty to greyhounds, promoting what wonderful pets they make & for those who are to traumatised to be able to go into a loving home, we will look after them & care for them with the love & respect they deserve until the end of their natural life.

We never put a healthy dog to sleep.

We believe these beautiful dogs were ?Born to be loved?, not just ?Born to run? x

Thank you

Charity number: 702522

Greyhound Rescue - Lola's Appeal

Greyhound Rescue Appeal

We are appealing for 3 main things we need help with listed below and more information about why and how you can help. We are grateful to each and everyone of our supporters. You help is as vital to the animals as our care is for them – we all play a part and without you, we could not do our part.

1) Running Costs Feed & Vets etc

Our running costs vary from year to year, mainly due to vets bills which can be thousands for 1 dog! (Please see website for more information – Zaks story, Stand Up Harrys story). Heating is £1500 per year for kennels alone and then electric, feed, maintenance.- Willow also cost nearly £1500 for an emergency operation, Boris nearly £500…this is not including the normal things. One of the horses is on tablets for cushions disease which cost over £250 every 3 months plus Bute at £140 per every 4 weeks.

2) Donations of feed for Dogs & Cats

Dr John Gold is around £15.70 per bag wholesale so anyone wanting to make a donation for a bag/s then we would put that into the Dr John Gold fund Or you can donate for Gain Maintanence £14.00 per bag as we have to order that too– Tinned dog meat (butchers jelly), Sardines, we are happy to receive and Dental sticks etc Nyla bones (large) & Kongs (large) – Purina One Chicken cat biscuits, Felix Pouches, Sheba in Jelly fish and chicken, Encore cat meat.

3) Financial donations

We are always in need of financial donations however small. We also sell itens online on our website to raise funds.

Other Ways To Help

We desperately need Donations of: Blankets, beds, Large plastic dog beds, towels etc.

Reasons We Are In Desperate Need Of Help Urgently – Covid 19 & Cost of Living

Due To Covid-19 when we had to shut down out fundraising events overnight, followed by the rising cost of living meaning feed bill has hit a massive high. Our food bills alone have trebled and then vets costs have risen dramatically too. Hay has gone up yet again and also charging extra delivery for cost of fuel too. We are in desperate need of Help in any way that anyone can.

We lost all our main fundraising over night as many charities did and we had no help from the Government for as no support for Animal Charities during Covid. As a knock on effect and again due to this and the cost of living crisis this has meant that many supporters and general public cannot support us in the same way. This is completely understandable and is why we are appealing to people

We are still selling certificates, special occasion vouchers and selling handmade collars, handmade cards online to try and raise funds, which can be posted out.

We are asking for the kindness of donations of tinned dog food, Dr John Gold Dry food or Gain Maintenance, royal canin, etc.

We really need to appeal to all our cat lovers too as we do have cats here too which are also rescues and they love Purina one chicken or salmon biscuits, Felix (as good as it looks) pouches, Whiskas etc.!

We are desperate always for big heavy blankets for the kennel dogs.

Edgar our blind greyhound has a real passion for Denture sticks and we desperately need some new standard large kongs & large Nyla bones.

Any help at all would be gratefully appreciated, however small, you are making a difference.

Karen’s illness has taken it’s toll on us too. It has been a massive hit to the rescue and a big blow to us personally too. To see her struggle and fight each day is unbelievably hard and then to see her worry about the very charity she set up all those years ago struggle and her not be able to get out there is just soul destroying. I feel like I am letting her down.

Greyhound Rescue has been running over 40 years now, founded by Karen. Please help us survive and her legacy live on for many years to come.

Greyhound Rescue have recently been through some very difficult times, as have many of us personally.

We are reaching out for support as we are struggling as we need a member of staff here full time or better still 2 part time. I cannot do this alone. I am also going to need surgery soon which if I am not very careful could become an emergency. I am worried.

Volunteers would also be a great help who have experience in dogs/horses etc or are very willing to learn. Must be reliable and must have the greatest thing of all….the biggest love for animals.

As many of you know, our chairperson, Karen started this charity some 40 years ago and has really gone out of her way to be there for her dogs and owners and has rescued, saved, and re-homed thousands of retired greyhounds from the track as well as lurchers from time to time but mainly GBGB dogs, over the years from Sheffield, Kinsley, Nottingham to name a few!

So I am also appealing to Trainers who know Karen, as well as her owners, and Racing owners, GBGB who also know Karen, Kinsley Track, Sheffield Track, Nottingham Track, Askern Track, Bellevue Track - they could also donate. They are or have been at some point their dogs!

A little help from each would go a long way for someone that has helped so many over the years.

We will be honest in saying we are in a desperate situation, we have many greyhounds for homing but lifers too.

We also have rescue cats, sheep and horses not to mention the love birds and the parrot.

Karen has given her life to the dogs and this charity and as many of you know that the sad, honest truth is that she is extremely ill now and we really just want this charity to continue in the fantastic way in which she has run this throughout her 40 years so far and want it to continue long after we are gone as Karen’s legacy for the love she has for her beloved Greyhounds. She doesn’t do holidays, Christmas, birthdays…the list goes on. Neither do I now. We do not get time for anything but this. And I look at Karen and I see the pain…would she do it all again? …Yes. She would give up her life to save 1 animal. I have learned so much from her. Just how worthy that 1 animal is. Now, I am almost Karen. But knowing there will never be another Karen Schultz.....but she will also never be the same. Help me to help her. This lady really does deserve something back - she always says to me 'there is no glory in rescue' - very true, but she deserves her work to continue - that would be enough for her.

We are trying desperately to apply for grants but are also getting ‘knocked back’ a lot ‘ still due to the dreaded Covid-19’ and cost of living and the vast amount of others applying. I do not know what else to do.

We are literally on our knees with the rising costs and we have had to take someone on to help as I cannot do it alone and that is also a cost.

We are and have always been a good, honest well respected independent Charity that prides ourselves on doing things the correct way from care to re-homing. We always put the animals first.

One thing I can say honestly with all we see and do here is….

'Only Love Will Matter, In The End'

Thank you to all our owners, friends and supporters

Dawn Schultz & all the animals

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