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The Kathor Muslim Society Of UK

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Wish all those who have done Ramadaan under much more trying conditions than we can envisage a great Eid and a better future

2 weeks ago

Ismail Timol


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Farhana Vaid


£40 for Zakat and £42 for Eid Fitrana

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Keep it up

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Fatima Lasania


This is such an important cause. Zakaat

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Mohammad Vawda


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Awesome job!

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About us

We are a UK based charity supporting social and welfare, education and healthcare projects. One of our primary goals is working through NGOs supporting the needy in Kathor - a small town near Surat in Gujarat State, India.

Our work through NGOs helps in funding:


  • medical services through the provision of preventative health camps and funding emergency medical procedures for individuals
  • funding of cataract surgery & dialysis procedures
  • individualised support for medication costs


  • vocational education programmes
  • individual sponsorship of undergraduate students
  • primary and high school education through a local educational institutions

Social & Welfare

  • providing individuals with equipment, tools & training for trades such as sewing, carpentry, plumbing and electrical maintenance
  • providing basic home essentials for newly married couples
  • providing support for widows/orphans for their daily essentials
  • individualised financial support

Thank you for stopping by at our page, more information is available on our website.

Charity number: 1112981

Ramadan Appeal 2024/1445

Assalamu-Alaikum ww,

Ramadan Mubarak. We hope and pray you are well and in good health with the grace of Allah SWT.  May Allah SWT grant us the guidance to truly appreciate the value of Ramadan and accept our fasting and prayers, Ameen.

The Society continues to focus on the core areas of Social Welfare; Health and Education.  This combines relief, where no other option is available, and developmental work that transforms Zakah receivers into Zakah givers.

Last year over £20,000 of your generous donations helped the Society to deliver these projects.  Please continue to support us with your donations & duas enabling us to keep delivering over the coming year.

You can also set up a regular monthly donation from as little as £5 a month, this can make a significant difference to our brothers and sisters in Kathor. 

Everyone will be aware of the catastrophic situation in Gaza/Palestine.  Please remember our brothers & sisters in your duas and by supporting charities with experience of providing relief on the ground.

Alhamdulillah, we recently donated £5,000 through UK Registered charities that are on the ground delivering aid.  More than half a million people are on the brink of famine, children are dying of hunger. 1 in 6 children under the age of two have symptoms of acute malnutrition.

Also, get involved with campaigns supporting the Palestinian struggle for peace, freedom & equality.  Most importantly,  please turn to the Most Merciful in these troubling times - the onset of Ramadan provides an ideal opportunity to strengthen our individual connection with Allah SWT. 

May He accept from us, and bring Afiyah to all across the Ummah.  Ameen.

We humbly request that you channel some of your giving thorough the Society and enable us to continue and build upon our work.  Every penny donated, including any Gift Aid claimed, goes towards our projects.  All  fundraising administration costs are covered by the Society.  

Finally, please remember all in your dua in the most blessed of months. 

Jazakamullah Khair.
Kathor Muslim Society of UK.

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