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2 days ago

Joanne & Amy Morrissey


+ £25.00 Gift Aid

Congratulations both! You've done amazing and all so proud ❤️

2 days ago

Katie Archer


Congratulations to both of you! Massively well done! It's such an amazing thing that you have both done. You've climbed a bloody mountain! A proper one! I hope you're doing something nice to celebrate. You totally deserve it. (Sorry for being so stupidly late.)

5 days ago

Hares Consultancy


Well done! Exceptional ladies!

1 week ago



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1 week ago

Angela Rosewood


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Well done Ladies, Amazing achievement 👏 🥰

1 week ago

Bernie and Fliss


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Incredible! Well done and hope you’re relaxing now

1 week ago

The Mays!


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

An amazing achievement for a very worthwhile cause. Well done. Disappointed you didn’t carry the dog up though!!

1 week ago

Sarah B


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Proud of you guys😀⛰️

1 week ago

Tim Badcock


+ £12.50 Gift Aid

Incredible work! Well done.

1 week ago

Diane sawyer


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Great achievement x well done

Conquering Kilimanjaro for Air Ambulance Charities!

Event dates: 10th September 2023 – 18th September 2023

Victoria Lee is raising money for MAGPAS Air Ambulance and East Anglian Air Ambulance

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My story

I have had the most phenomenal opportunity to work with East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) Charity & MAGPAS Air Ambulance Charity, as one of their Doctors. It is one of the greatest privileges of my career.

To see how we provide immediate, critical, life saving care to people in their time of need is humbling. EAAA Charity & MAGPAS Charity are just that - charities. They are not funded by the NHS. We are only able to continue this life changing work with your help & donations!

I am going to conquer Mt Kilimanjaro to help raise support for the wonderful teams. I will be heading out to Tanzania on Sept. 8th 2023 and hoping to complete the climb over 8 days. At just under 6000m altitude, I am a little nervous about the summit! But I can't think of a better cause to push myself for.

Any donation is welcome. Thank you!

Thank you for checking out my page. Making a donation is fast, easy and secure thanks to Give as you Live Donate. They'll take your donation and pass it onto MAGPAS Air Ambulance and East Anglian Air Ambulance.

My updates

6 days ago

Day 8: Mweka Camp -> Mweka Gate

Altitude - Who cares anymore, it’s not horrendously high. (1640m).

Distanced - 10km

Elevation gain - We went down a lot sooooo not much to gain.

Climate - Rainforest

Learning points:

- We are both exceptionally talented at slipping and falling over in mud. DM me for hints/tips/advice. You’re welcome.

- Colobus monkeys are cheeky little buggers and also adorable.

- I am extremely happy to have finished with camping. For. EVER.

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1 week ago

Day 7: Summit day

Barafu Camp -> Uhuru Peak (Summit) -> Barafu Camp -> Mweka Camp

Altitude - Uhuru Peak, 5895m. Mweka Camp, 3100m.

Distance - 37km (yes, 3-sodding-7km. 52,000 steps)

Elevation gain - 1285m

Climate - Volcanic ash and shingles, glaciers.

SpO2 at summit - Lou, 50%. Vic, 70%.

Today has been one of the most challenging days, both mentally and physically, for both of us. It started by being woken at 00:00 ready to start our hike to the summit. The ascent was one of the steep, endless trails either of us have ever done. Accompanied by the soft ash and the -14°C (+ wind chill factor) made every step a barrier that we had to overcome. We made it to Stella Point for sunrise, which was spectacular. But was so painfully cold, that despite the 7 layers (3 coats) we had on, we couldn’t hang around to enjoy for too long. The slog to the summit, although “short”, felt like a marathon. The descent was rather more hurried and aggressive than planed, thanks to a mild touch of High Altitude Cerebral Oedema. Can’t say this is anything to joke about or take as lightly as I usually would.

Neither of us could have done this insane summit without the support of our two incredible guides, Suleman & Sebastian. They quite literally dragged me down the mountain (whilst saying nice supportive things).

We have a very short stop at base camp, where thankfully, I had my very own ICU nurse on standby to sort me out (and I think I’ll never hear the end of it). Then we headed to Mweka Camp, some 16km away and a further descent of 1500m.

There are too many “learning points” to share from today. I think it’s fair to say we’ve learnt about ourselves and our limits, and how actually we can push through them.

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1 week ago

Day 6: Katanga Camp -> Barafu Camp (Base Camp)

Altitude - 4673m

Distance - 6km

Elevation gain - 604m

Climate - Barren. Rocks everywhere. Literally nothing else. (Alpine desert).

SpO2 - Lou, 87%. Vic, 85%.

Learning points:

- Altitude makes everything difficult. Even going for a wee. Even Haribo doesn’t fix it!

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1 week ago

Day 5: Baranco Camo -> Baranco Wall -> Katanga Camp

Altitude - 3900m -> 4300m -> 4000m

Distance - 8km

Elevation gain - 90m (I promise you it was more…. Stupid “smart” watches)

Climate - Alpine desert

SpO2 at camp - Lou, 91%. Vic, 93%.

Learning points:

- It doesn’t matter how many times you apply and reapply your factor 50 sun lotion, the rays up here will still get ya’.

- Lou found the three eyed raven (I don’t know what that means)

- Getting thwacked on the nose by a non-standardised oxygen cylinder whilst climbing a small, yet still terrifying cliff edge will hurt and you will cry.

Image uploaded with update

1 week ago

Day 4: Shira II Camp -> Lava Tower -> Baranco Camp

Altitude - 3850m -> 4600m -> 3900m

Distance - 15km

Elevation gain - 723m

Climate - Grim (AF)

SpO2 at camp - Lou, 92%. Vic, 92%.

Learning points:

- Anything that says it’s “waterproof” is lying and will make fools of us all. Except our beloved boots.

- Vic gets (really) grumpy in the rain.

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