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Dave Richardson is raising money for TIBET HOUSE TRUST

200 Mile Walk for Tibet

Event date: 12th April 2019

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My story

I've met Tibetan refugees in both Britain and India, been moved by their stories & from 13th April 2019 I walked about 200 miles carrying a 55lb pack over the high hills of Cyprus (which like Tibet has suffered from invasion & occupation) up the highest peak the 6404ft Olympus/Όλυμπος/ Χιονίστρα & other tops to raise money for Tibet House Trust.

The (1) Chinese Communist Invasion & occupation of (2) Tibet in 1950, the (3) Tibetan Uprising & flight of the Dalai Lama in March 1959 may seem like faraway history to some people, but they were followed by (4) murder, (5) torture,(6) starvation, (7) imprisonments, & ongoing (8) human rights abuses such as forced (9) birth control and sterilisation,(10) political, and (11) religious repression, (12) destruction of (13) monasteries an (14) influx of Han Chinese, & environmental (15) damage from (16) resource extraction. The violent destruction & intolerant repression by Chinese forces in Tibet is a tragedy showing the danger to the world & humanity of unaccountable, corrupt, & insidious power wielded by people clouded by unknowingness & delusion, poisoned by lack of ethics & driven by greed, fear & hatred.

I find it refreshing & heartening, that most Tibetans don't react with the same ignorant ill will, but see our common humanity and draw strength from the wisdom, compassion and ethics of (17) Tibetan Buddhism. Their spiritual and former political leader His Holiness the (18) 14th Dalai Lama has always sought dialogue with the Chinese authorities, strives for a (19) negotiated outcome to the situation in Tibet, & won the (20) Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. Their patient, peaceful and persistent efforts grounded in the (21) Dharma can be a teaching to us all.

Tibet House Trust, Tibet House patron HH The Dalia Lama is a UK based charity founded in 1994 which works in (22) education, (23) health, (24) cultural and religious preservation , (25) community and economic development and (26) emergency relief with Tibetan refugees, not only to keep their culture alive, but to help them become healthy, free and educated people who can give to our shared humanity and hopefully rebuild Tibetan society in its homeland one day.

Wherever & whoever you are, whatever you think, say & do has an effect, please do summat helpful & positive by giving to this worthwhile cause by sponsoring this walk across Cyprus.

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Thank you.

Full web links to numbered notes below;

(1) Chinese Communist Invasion;lr=&id=Ecaeybfrl1IC&oi=fnd&pg=PA1&dq=1950+chinese+invasion+tibet&ots=Mvo1SZCj3M&sig=_b-YuvlG5OcoeEOts0osyS0MvLc%20-%20v=onepage&q=1950%20chinese%20invasion%20tibet&f=false#v=snippet&q=1950%20chinese%20invasion%20tibet&f=false

(2) Tibet

(3) Tibetan Uprising;;has_verified=1

(4) murder;view=detail&mid=76C82FBAB60C25178B9076C82FBAB60C25178B90&FORM=VIR

(5) torture

(6) starvation

(7) imprisonments;lr=&id=KVA-LyI3vPcC&oi=fnd&pg=PP9&dq=prison+camps+tibet&ots=QXEFo2nGSY&sig=1d-_Fr_8wzKqOXt0WwL5lxAy6YY%20-%20v=onepage&q=prison%20camps%20tibet&f=false#v=snippet&q=prison%20camps%20tibet&f=false

(8) human rights

(9) birth control and sterilisation

(10) political

(11) religious repression

(12) destruction

(13) monasteries

(14) influx of Han Chinese

(15) damage

(16) resource;lr=&id=MFtkDgAAQBAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PT6&dq=resource+damage+tibet&ots=QpWxKe06UG&sig=GYvKLzPYMbR4Il_UDAb2PrAHEMI%20-%20v=onepage&q=resource%20damage%20tibet&f=false#v=snippet&q=resource%20damage%20tibet&f=false

(17) Tibetan Buddhism

(18) 14th Dalai Lama

(19) negotiated

(20) Nobel Peace Prize;view=detail&mid=64975BC5CE9AC0FB7AEB64975BC5CE9AC0FB7AEB&FORM=VIRE

(21) Dharma

(22) education

(23) health

(24) cultural and religious preservation

(25) community and economic development

(26) emergency relief

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