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15 years ago

Annette Marney


This is money I have raised through the sale of plants

Supporting the World Land Trust

Event dates: 13th August 2008 – 31st December 2018

Annette Barsby is raising money for Orangutan Appeal UK

My story

I strongly believe that if we lose marvelous gentle creatures like orangutans, gorillas and other imporant endangered apes, our own life on earth is threatened. It is not just the orangutan, but ALL the plants, creatures and humans that live in the magnificent rainforests, that will lose their home, and therefore will have no where to go, once their habitat is lost for ever. We use the valuable rainforest for all manner of things, including our massive pharmaceutical use.Why man is so greedy for the land the forests grow on I just cant get my head around. Why destroy an immensely valuable resource, grown naturally, so well balanced it needs no attention from us, and replace it with rows of palm oil trees, that support very little except those who profit from the sale of the oil. Read the ingredients on the packs you buy from supermarkets/shops, most contain PALM OIL.
Say for instance you are washing your face with a product which contains palm oil. Do you EVER think how it got into that plastic bottle, where it came from? What agonies were suffered to produce it. YES EVERY DAY BABY ORANGUTANS WATCH THEIR MOTHERS BEING BEATEN TO DEATH.HORRIFICALLY MURDERED, just so we can have cosmetic products etc. The babies have no means of caring for themselves so they either die of starvation and neglect, or are taken to become a family pet or some tourist attraction. UNLESS of course we rescue them, and to do that we need FUNDS, so get cracking and start helping them orangs NOW. I have visited Sepilok rehab centre, which this charity and others support,and it is a magnificent place for the orangs, and for us to visit. Yours truly Annette from Kent UK okay?

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Annette Barsby is fundraising for

Orangutan Appeal UK

Charity number: 1138538

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