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2 days ago


£50.00 + £12.50 Gift Aid

Well done you hero's

2 days ago


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Hi Both, was good to meet you ( we did Clovelly to Tintagel ) six blokes that became 5 for the last day. It’s a great adventure your having and I’m loving reading your blog. Good luck for the rest of your journey , have fun and enjoy it 👍

4 days ago

Alwyn Jones

£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

Great stuff shipmates! Love the updates and stunning photos of the coast and route. Stay strong... massive respect.

5 days ago

Louise Kemp

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Loving your photos.

5 days ago

Steve Pointon

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BZ to you both. Keep the photos and stories coming 🙂

1 week ago

The Sharmans

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1 week ago

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At the pub at Tintagel

1 week ago

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From Michael walking the trail, the tea partying church walkers; and a second donation from Sarah Westy. THANK YOU !

1 week ago

Hannah Kooner

£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

Rachel Kirk & Mark Howkins are raising money for Youth Adventure Trust and The Royal British Legion

Rach & Mark - SouthWest630

Event dates: 23rd April 2022 – 8th July 2022

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Our story

We are attempting to walk all 630 miles of the South West Coast Path. Starting at Minehead in Somerset, our route follows the coast of North Devon, Cornwall, South Devon, and finally ends up at Poole Harbour in Dorset. We plan to start in April and walk this all in one go. Carrying our gear. Probably slowly!

We would like to use this challenge as an opportunity to raise funds for two chosen charities: The Royal British Legion and The Youth Adventure Trust. If you would like to show your support to us, and to the individuals and families these charities assist please make a donation via this page. Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you for checking out our page. Making a donation is fast, easy and secure thanks to Give as you Live Donate. They'll take your donation and pass it onto Youth Adventure Trust and The Royal British Legion.

Our updates

3 days ago

SW630 Day 22

Newquay to Perranporth.

Beaches, Sand Dunes and walking against the wind have been the order of the day! Managed to fit in a little cream tea at lunchtime though too.

The day was about 10 miles, and less than 600m ascent, though I did inadvertently add some extra 'up' to that, by taking us the wrong way - we had been hoofing it down Perran beach to catch the chance to walk along the sand and around the rocks to Perranporth before the tide came in, but were just a tiny bit too late and were advised by the lifeguard to go up and over the cliff instead.. just another hill said Mark- true, until I led us left not right and the hill became even bigger and steeper. Oops! Er, in my defence had Mark not been slowed down by a cider for lunch maybe we'd have made it before the tide came in and avoided said hill altogether.

😁 Just saying 😁

Intended to go on a bit further to camp but changed plan and prioritising shelter above views having been buffeted around by the wind enough today already. Mark is out on a reccy looking for options while I shelter at the beach bar!

The river crossing at Newquay turned out to be easy peasy and Mark only continued to analyse his 'newquay hotel vs evenjng river crossing' decision for another couple of hours.. an upside in fact of fighting against the wind all afternoon is he seems to have got over that dilemma. Its perhaps been replaced by a new one - carry on vs camp close to Perranporth... But as it's just started raining I think that decision is made- sand dunes it is!

Image uploaded with update

3 days ago

SW630 Day 21... OMG my feet ache. ...Portcothan to Newquay

Having had a yum home cooked dinner the night before and bacon sandwiches for breaky, had our various broken clothes mended, and been given a lift back to Portcothan, - all thanks to the fabulous support crewing skills of my friend Kathryn - we were all set to walk before 9. And the heavy packs were back! But luckily the day wasn't too hilly so a gentle re-introduction to carrying the full bags, though Mark may say otherwise as he seems to have accumulated even more stuff!

We took it easy with a nice long coffee stop for half an hour at Mawgan Porth, an ice cream stop an hour later and a lunch stop but we still got to the near-side of Newquay before 3 - hurrah!

However we'd not quite finished the route so we dumped our stuff in the hotel, collapsed for 20 mins, showered then set off out for another 4 hours - first checking out camping shops for replacement trek poles (unsuccessful), and then walking the coast path via Newquay Pride music stage where the artist seemed disappointed most of the crowd were under 8s... they were dancing an cheering hard though! Then via the Harbour for dinner (Pad Thai for me - yum!) And then continued the path on to Fistral Beach for a paddle.

I was mainly grumpy for most of this additional mileage (except for the food and the paddle) as it was actually quite far for an evening stroll and we were just in our sandals, and until we got to the yummy Thai place at the Harbour I was hungry. As many of you will know Tired and Hungry is not good for Rach! Then it started to rain and there was a danger Cold would complete the trio. Mark did in fact suggest banning these 3 words a few days in, but so far has failed to get my agreement on that!

While I was being grumpy Mark spent a lot of time lamenting the fact we'd 'wimped out' by booking into a cheap hotel rather than waiting for low tide, crossing the river and finding a camp spot. Having only agreed to book the hotel to stop him talking about whether or not to book the hotel, I got a bit snappy when he spent a lot of time talking about whether booking the hotel was in fact the right thing to have done... All I could think was I wish we were in the damned hotel putting our feet up not still walking at 730pm!

Got back to base at 8 hungry enough for dinner number 2, but horlicks and biscuits will do!

Image uploaded with update

4 days ago

SW630 Day 20 Padstow to Portcothan

Having spent the night in Padstow - in a real bed not a tent - thanks to the hospitality of Mark's ski bud Helli Wood, special guest Kathryn Newey joined us again for this stretch from Padstow to Porthcothan. Thankfully this was due to be an easier day of 11 miles, with no heavy packs and only 400 - 500m of ascent compared to a standard day of around 700m or worse!

Scenery was great again today - more sandy beaches than we've seen in earlier stages and some crazy massive circular holes in the rock which Kathryn was brave enough to lie down and peer over the edge into.

Lost one of my lovely lightweight trekking poles today which made me sad as they are a great assist on the ups and downs. Had been giving them, and my hand, a rest (it gets numb with carpal tunnel when I use them)..and it must have fallen off my pack and is now lost to the hills or the sea. Will have get a replacement sorted as don't think I can handle the hills without them!

Despite the easier terrain and lighter packs I would still quite happily have stopped walking and hung out on the beach all day after the first 3 hours, but we persevered and made it to Portcothan earlier than expected - by 3ish in fact - to find Mark already there lounging around in the sand dunes looking pleased with himself with a cider in hand (evidently was not his first !)

Had time for a quick swim in the sea and an ice cream before heading back to the campsite.

Going to be a shock to get our heavy packs back tomorrow! :-(

Image uploaded with update

6 days ago

SW630 Days 17, 18 & 19

First a rest day which consisted of sleep, cooked breakfast, sleep, lunch, coffee and cake, a bit of sightseeing, more sleep, dinner, even more sleep.

Then my amazing friend Kathryn, holidaying nearby kindly offered to pick up our bags for us so we were without our heavy packs for the day- hurrah! It was rainy and windy to start with so we delayed our start a bit to minimise the amount of time walking in the rain, which worked well as it did brighten up quickly. So it was Tintagel to Port Isaac, with a lighter bag each, but yet I still was moving at snail pace not even managing more than 1.5 miles / hour to start with but I warmed up a bit by the afternoon. Afternoon sunshine made for great views. Explored a cave. And guess what, did lots of ups and down hills!

Spent the night at the campsite where Ksthryn was holidaying and then she then

joined us from Port Isaac to Padstow. Or I should say joined me....Mark was on his own agenda and legged it at full pelt without stopping the full 12 miles. Me and Kathryn took a more leisurely pace but we still were at the ferry station at rock before 4. Me and Mark then enjoyed pizza for tea in Padstow.

It's increasing apparent that;

A mile is not a standard measurement;

Just because you can see your destination doesn't mean you are nearly there - been caught out by that one a few times but no fooling me now! We are over 2 weeks in... wising up !

If there is a direct route to your destination you aren't taking it! As Mark noted recently- the Romans clearly had nothing to do with the SWCP!

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1 week ago

SW630 Day 16 - Our beautiful yoga sunset camp spot turned out to be a not actually the amazing spot we thought it was - the wind whipped up unexpectedly and battered us for 5 solid hours. No sleep... me scared as the wind was howling and blasting the tent, flattening it onto me... the only thing in fact keeping the tent from the floor was the fact we were in it - which became evident when we evacuated at first light and the tent was then flat on the floor and the poles seriously under strain. We quickly packed up and got off the hill as soon as it was daylight!₩

Mark later pointed out we'd pitched the tent on top of a hill shaped like an aeroplane wing which is designed to enhance the speed of airflow. Oops!

We therefore left at 530am and set off on a challenging 4.5 hour walk to Boscastle in the wind, tired from a sleepless night and still recovering from the trauma!

Refuelled with a long rest at Boscastle and a cooked breakfast we then marched on another 5 miles or so to Tintagel!

Image uploaded with update

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