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Congratulations on a fabulous achievement!

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We’ll done Peter 👏

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Awesome Peter. Well done

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Best of luck

Peter Molduano is raising money for Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse

THE DRUID'S CHALLENGE 136km ultra Marathon

Event dates: 13th November 2021 – 15th November 2021

My story

The increase of domestic abuse (DA) and violence against women deeply disturbed me during this Covid period. So when I learned of a local charity, “Reduce the Risk”, that integrates its approach to fuse the local services, I decided to fundraise for it.

Their critical services include Domestic Abuse Champion Training, Online training as well as its DA Champion Network.

Even before Covid, Oxfordshire faced a disturbing reality.

In 2018-19 there were 174 referrals to Oxfordshire’s IDVA services, providing support to victims at high risk of serious harm and/or homicide.

In 2018-19 there were 11,970 domestic abuse incidents reported to police in Oxfordshire. That’s an average 1 report every 45 minutes.

There were 493 referrals via the Oxfordshire domestic abuse helpline in the first 3 months of 2019.

In 2018-19 68% of referrals to Oxfordshire’s IDVA service had children in the household; a total of 229 children were indirectly supported by Oxfordshire IDVA service.

Thames Valley is one of the top five locations of callers to the Karma Nirvana “honour-based” abuse helpline. Calls from Banbury and Oxford City account for over a third of calls from the region. Victims of so-called “honour-based” abuse are 7 times as likely to have multiple perpetrators (SafeLives Honour Based Violence & Forced Marriage Spotlight.

Nationally, on average, older victims experience abuse for twice as long before seeking help as those under 61, and nearly half have a disability. Yet older clients are hugely underrepresented among domestic abuse services (SafeLives Older People Spotlight)

Since the Home Office introduced Domestic Homicide Review (DHRs) in 2011, Oxfordshire has commenced 11 DHRs involving 14 victims and 24 children (under 18) who lost at least one parent to domestic abuse.

In 2016 DHR guidance was updated to include suicides where abuse was a factor. Within 2 Oxfordshire had 3 DHRs involving suicide.

I also have three personal reasons I would like to share:

1. As a Canadian, I was deeply disturbed by the Ecole Polytechnique 1989 Massacre (

Decades ago, I was part of a Committee on the status and safety of women at my Alma Matter (Laurentian University in northern Canada). As the Editor in Chief of the University’s newspaper, and made sure women’s safety was front and centre of the editorial policy and content.

2. As a serial ex-pat with three citizenship, I’m familiar with how immigrants’ frustrations often result in domestic abuse. The promise of a new land disappointments spills into domestic abuse.

3. As a father of 2 daughters (10 and 14), I want them to be aware of the risks and resources so they will not be victims.

Thank you for checking out my page. Making a donation is fast, easy and secure thanks to Give as you Live Donate. They'll take your donation and pass it onto Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse.

My updates

1 year ago

Druids Challenge Day 3/3 - “Domestic Abuse Victim’s don’t choose their suffering”

@30km BBC radio called and asked me how did I feel? I responded that everything hurt from waste down, but I choose my suffering. Domestic abuse victims don’t choose their suffering”

I achieved 51% of my fundraising target which is £701. I’m very grateful to all who reached into their pockets during these tough times.

Aside from that:

- I was 4th on the finish line again,

- 3rd in my age group for all 3 days,

- 25th overall from 75,

- ran approx same distance as on Friday 1 hour quicker,

- ran 29 sec per km quicker from day 2,

- My average pulse was identical to day 2 and lower than day 1 by 10 beats per minute,

- ran almost entirely solo executing my plan,

- constantly dashboarded my state of fluids, nutrition and pace in relation to my well being

Body held up, felt the knees, university hamstring, niggle in the right angle

Organisers: amazing.

Fellow athletes I met and talked with were inspirational.

48.4km distance
4:58:23 time
6:10min/km speed

1 year ago

Druid’s Way day 2/3 - to the Eurythmic’s “Love is a Stranger”

@13km I had a wonderful interview with BBC Radio - with Sophie’s Law. A follow up tomorrow they want to check in on me

47 sec per km faster then yesterday

4th on the finish line

No body issues at all

First 1/4 of distance sub 100 beats per minute.

Down side: I phone didn’t let me take pics

And I think I have torn my lower back 2 weeks ago

44.9km distance
4:55:53 time
6:32min/km speed

1 year ago

Druids Challenge Day 1/3

Very tough first half couldn’t keep food down …views were stunning, excellent organisation… sausage rolls bizarrely helped my stomach

Also unexpectedly talked to a domestic violence survivor

47.9km distance
5:58:16 time
7:28min/km speed

1 year ago

A few days ago, over dinner, I discussed with my daughters what is domestic abuse. I particularly talked about an excellent training video (from Reducing the Risk) about how some young female university students save their friend from a violent boyfriend. I’ll watch it with them soon.

1 year ago

Last long Run prior to 136km

Solid pace, annoying I couldn’t train at whytham woods as they’re locked down till Tuesday for culling deer

Bananas and almond bars were perfect food at 1 hour interval eating.

Phone power dropped by 40% within 2 hours. Running on ridgeway I’ll a dual battery charge

Also checking privacy settings on Strava quite effective

31.0km distance
3:19:26 time
5:53min/km speed

Peter Molduano is fundraising for

Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse

Charity number: 1120244

More great ways you can raise funds