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Hope Blooms: Empowering Women Against Breast Cancer

Breast cancer Mission Team are raising money for Global Refugee Aid

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🌟 Join Us in Saving Lives: Support Breast Cancer Screening in Burundi 🌟
Dear Supporter,
Imagine being faced with the daunting reality of battling breast cancer without access to proper diagnosis and treatment. This is the stark reality for many women in Burundi, where the lack of adequate healthcare infrastructure poses a grave threat to their lives.
Global Refugee Aid recently conducted a mission in Burundi from February 12th to 16th, with a mission to address the pressing challenges surrounding breast cancer diagnosis and treatment within the country. What we discovered was alarming: severe deficiencies in the health system, particularly concerning the availability and condition of equipment necessary for breast cancer screening and diagnosis.
Burundi, a nation grappling with significant economic challenges, has only two mammography machines, both located in private hospitals. These machines, though crucial for early detection, are prohibitively expensive for the general population to access. Furthermore, the equipment is in poor condition, compromising its effectiveness and reliability.
But the challenges don't end there. Hospitals lack viewing monitors essential for interpreting mammograms, hindering the reporting process and leading to delayed diagnoses. As a result, many patients are diagnosed at advanced stages of cancer, primarily due to financial constraints and a lack of comprehensive training among healthcare professionals.
During our mission, we were disheartened to learn that some patients, despite managing to afford mammograms and biopsies, chose not to return for their results due to the unaffordable cost of pathology services. Additionally, the ultrasound machines used were of extremely poor quality, making it challenging to detect small cancers effectively.
Given the unsafe and inadequate conditions encountered during screening efforts, we made the difficult decision to temporarily halt screenings. However, this is not the end of our mission. We are reaching out to you, our compassionate supporters, to join us in fundraising and soliciting support to procure essential equipment.
Your generous donations will enable us to acquire mammography equipment, ultrasound machines, and probes. With these vital resources, we can ensure the safety and effectiveness of future screening initiatives. Together, we can provide women in Burundi with access to timely and reliable breast cancer diagnosis and treatment services, potentially saving countless lives.
Join us in making a difference today. Your support could be the lifeline that a woman in Burundi desperately needs.
Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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Breast cancer Mission Team are fundraising for

Global Refugee Aid

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